6 Squadron Deaths Since 1914

Since the formation of 6 Squadron in January 1914, one hundred and ninety-six men have died in service (with Captain Wilfred Picton-Warlow crashing into the English Channel and drowning shortly after leaving the squadron to return to England). Only twelve of this number were buried at cemeteries in the United Kingdom as it has long been the custom of the Ministry of Defence to have  service personnel buried close to where they were stationed at the time of their death and seven of the twelve men died in recent years when 6 Squadron was stationed in the United Kingdom.


The table below lists the details for each man and can be sorted in any sequence or searched by name. Below the table is a graphic displaying the name os every 6 Squadron man, listed in alphabetical order within each time period (eg. WW1, 'between the wars', WW2 and post WW2).