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Steve Buster Johnson - Author Profile

After completing an HND in Electronics at Southampton (UK) and a BA in Mathematics through the Open University (London), I embarked on a forty year career in corporate infrastructure project management that took me to many countries, working for numerous organisations in both the public and private sector. I then decided to take 'time out' in order to fulfil a lifelong ambition of writing a factual novel about the Royal Flying Corps squadron in which my grandfather served during WW1.

A former keen recreational pilot and competitive rower, my hobbies (apart from researching early military aviation which takes up a lot of my time) include tennis, cycling, skiing, graphic design, photography, cars and motorcycles. With three children and three grandchildren, I live with my wife at Kynnumboon, New South Wales, Australia.

I have been a full-time writer since 2006 and my fifth and most recent book, Over the Western Front. the story of the WW1 operation of 6 Squadron Royal Air Force was published in 2018. My next writing project, Above the Sands of Iraq, is in the planning stage and I hope to start writing in early 2022.

In response to reader feedback, my second book was a fictional murder / mystery story set in France during WW1, with the title, Seven Days in April. It tells the story of a Royal Air Force pilot who is involved in a suspicious death and is asked to investigate the mystery discretely for the sake of squadron morale, using his skills as an ex-detective.

A recent project was A Man of Many Letters, an ADHD self help guide (including ODD and OCD). In looking at what is currently available on the market, my book is arguably the first genuine self-help guide for sufferers (young and old alike) as it offers advice on living and winning with these conditions without having to resort to any form of medication.