Hinaidi RAF Cemetery Grave Identification

Grave Allocation at Hinaidi RAF Cemetery - numbered in Chronological Order

The diagram below should be used in conjunction with the searchable table giving details of the 301 men and women who were buried at the Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery between 1921 and 1937. Note that the 226th burial (in an isolated grave between Plots 1 and 2) was for Sir Gilbert Clayton, British High Commissioner to Iraq at the time of his death in 1929.

Note: Though the grave numbers and locations are correct in the diagram of the cemetery (see below), the following details have yet to be confirmed:

1)  Is Plot 1 to the right or left of Plot 2?

2)  Do the grave numbers (1 to 14) start from the North or from the South?

3)  Do the Row numbers start from the left or from the right?