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300th Burial at Hinaidi (Ma'Asker) RAF Cemetery

Thanks to the assistance of fellow researcher Paul McMillan, I have been able to find sufficient evidence to prove that the 'vacant' grave in Plot 3 Row G Grave 2 was in fact the final resting place of AC1 John Maxton Ramsay, who died in the RAF Hospital at Hinaidi on the 17th July 1924 from enteric fever, perforated intestine and general peritonitis, aged 22. At the time he was serving with No 6 Armoured Car Company, based at RAF Hinaidi. Before the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is able to update their records, my findings will have to be ratified by the JCCC (Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre). I have attached to this post photos that support my findings.

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