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Burial of Brigadier General Sir Gilbert Clayton (Sep 1929)

The contents of a photograph album was sent to me by Sian Sumners, grand daughter of Wing Commander Philip Harry Perkins, who served as a pilot in WW1 and after the war as a doctor at RAF Hinaidi. He was a keen photographer in his spare time and took many photos, including the one shown below of the funeral for Brigadier General Sir Gilbert Falkingham Clayton KCMG KBE CB, High Commissioner to Iraq at the time of his death in September 1929. This and the other images shown on the Ma'Asker / Hinaidi Old Burial Photos page of my website are remarkable in that they show the thousands of Iraqis who lined the road leading to the RAF Hinaidi Cemetery (Ma'Asker Al Raschid), such was the respect they had for Sir Gilbert, a man who was instrumental in putting Iraq on the map.

Funeral of Brigadier-General Sir Gilbert Clayton, High Commissioner to Iraq at RAF Hinaidi in September 1929
Funeral of Sir Gilbert Clayton at RAF Hinaidi in September 1929


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