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6 Squadron Deploys to Mesopotamia, 1919

In April 1919, the commanding officer of 6 Squadron, Major George Pirie, received orders to move his squadron from Gerpinnes in Belgium to Mesopotamia where it would support 30 Squadron in its peace-keeping duties over that region. Photographs recently came to light (courtesy of Mark Kent, grandson of Lt Ernest Kent who served with 6 Squadron and took the photographs) that were taken during the redeployment. The photographs give a rare pictorial insight into the processes and risks involved in moving a Royal Air Force squadron from one country to another. Pictured below is a photograph of a 6 Squadron Bristol Fb2 Fighter, taken in present day Iraq around 1920, after the squadron replaced its ageing RE8s with Bristol Fighters. For the full story and more photographs, select the Mesopotamia tab on the 6 Squadron menu.

Bristol Fighter of 6 Squadron when it was based in Baghdad, Iraq, during the 1920s)
F2B Bristol Fighter of 6 Squadron


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