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6 Squadron Aircraft (1914 - 1918)

During the years of WW1, if you count every variant, 6 Squadron operated twenty four different types of aircraft! Quite an achievement over the relatively short period of four years, when new aircraft were constantly being developed in order to keep up with the technological advances made by the German air force.


In the RAF these days, where most squadrons fly a single type - in the case of 6 Squadron the Eurofighter Typhoon - it is hard to imagine a single squadron flying fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft all at the same time on a wide variety of missions. It was only when 6 Squadron was re-equiped with the Royal Aircraft Factory RE8 reconnaissance / bomber (this took place during the months of March and April 1917) that the squadron finally had on charge a single type of aircraft. Since then, the squadron has mostly maintained a single type philosophy, with two or three exceptions during the thirties and forties where it had two or three types of aircraft on charge at the same time.