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Since I set up my website I have helped many people find answers to questions about relatives who served in the Royal Air Force, mostly during WW1 but also during the inter-war years. Most of the men investigated were pilots or observers who flew with 6 Squadron. After more than fifteen years researching for my books, I have developed a knack of finding answers to questions in a matter of hours that someone new to the subject might take years of frustration in not producing a result. Sadly, not all of my answers were well received, as for three of the men, I proved conclusively that their claims to glory were nothing more than a 'flight of fancy'.


I was also impacted by such a claim. Though my grandfather never talked about the war, it was a family legend that he was a pilot in WW1 who flew a Sopwith Camel scout, whereas in truth he served in the Royal Flying Corps as a corporal wireless mechanic. This fact only came to light when I decided to write a book about him, 'For God, England & Ethel' and discovered that heroes come in many shapes and sizes as well as occuptations.

So, if you want help with questions that have remained unanswered for many years and are pragmatic about what might be discovered, please use the form below to contact me. 

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