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Royal Air Force 1918 Wireless Training Notebook

This page contains links to every page of the hand-written notebook my grandfather kept when he was instructing pilots and observers in wireless at the No: 1 (T) Wireless School, Flowerdown, Winchester, from January 1918 (shortly after he left 6 Squadron during WW1 due to ill health) until he was demobbed in January 1919. For more information on the Flowerdown facility and its operations during WW1, click HERE.

RAF 1918 Wireless Notebook Cover

RAF 1918 Wireless Notebook Index

Formula for inductance of single layer coils

Aircraft Transmitter Type W - Schematic and Description

Aircraft Transmitter Type W - Action (Part 1)

Aircraft Transmitter Type W - Action (Part 2)

Continuous Wave Receiver MKIII

Continuous Wave Receiver MKIII  - Action and Reception

Continuous Wave Receiver MKIII  - Changing Telephone Note

Continuous Wave Receiver MKIII - Beat Reception of Spark Signals

Continuous Wave Receiver MKIII - Timing and Screw Threads

RAF Wireless - Greek Alphabet Symbols

Wireless Call Stations and Transmitting Hours - 1918

WW1 RAF Wireless Schematic Diagram (unknown type) - 1918

One Valve Flewelling Super Wireless Schematic

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