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Map of Basingstoke (UK) Overlay 1894 and 2014

Whilst researching for my  book on 6 Squadron, For God, England and Ethel, I needed to determine the location of my grandfather's house. Also, for my historical novel (an autobiography) Leaning on a Lamp Post, I needed to know exactly how the town centre of Basingstoke has changed over the years and visit the locations (where possible) that featured in a major section of the story that was set in 1910. Note that the old central hub of Basingstoke - the wharf, canal and iron foundries - has long since been demolished and is currently the site of a bus station. To more easily see the layout of old Basingstoke I have attached the black and white map beneath the composite image.

Map of Basingstoke 1910 overlaid on the same area in 2014
Map of Basingstoke 1894
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