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Over the Western Front

with 6 Squadron Royal Flying Corps

The front cover to Over the Western Front, a book by Steve Buster Johnson of the story of 6 Squadron Royal Air Force when it served in WW1 on the Western Front

'Over the Western Front' was my fifth book, published in November 2018, though I started the research process back in 2003. It was published by Feed-a-Read and  is available directly from the publisher or through any of the on-line book stores such as Amazon. 


The RRP from Feed-a-Read is AU$17 and the postage to anywhere in the UK is AU$5 (equating to approximately £12 per copy including postage). The postage to other countries will be higher, so a better deal may be had through sites such as Amazon, and Fishpond.  If you would like to buy a signed copy, please contact me. For anyone living in Australia, the cost of a signed copy is AU$25.00 including postage. Press the CONTACT menu item and send me a message.

Over the Western Front is divided into two parts:


Part One is an expanded version of my grandfather's war diaries, kept by him for the whole of the time he served with 6 Squadron on the Western Front during WW1. It has been written in the form of a month-by-month journal, covering the period November 1915 to January 1918 inclusive, and describes what is happening within the squadron as well as my grandfather's own personal experiences of the war.

Reproduced below are three pages from Part One, in which my grandfather as an Air Mechanic 1st Class is describing his first month at 6 Squadron, which at the time was operating from an aerodrome at Abeele on the French/Belgian border, on the Western Front about ten miles from the Ypres.

Brief extract from Part One of 'Over the Western Front', the story of 6 Squadron Royal Air Force during WW1, written by Steve Buste Johnson

Part Two of Over the Western Front is a month-by-month detailed analysis of 6 Squadron's operations during the whole of the Great War, from the time 6 Squadron is sent to France in October 1914 to December 1918, one month after the Armistice was signed. In addition, the complete history of every single aircraft on charge with 6 Squadron during those fifty-one months is provided, along with every known squadron casualty.  

Complementing my first book, For God, England & Ethel, my latest book will give the reader a thorough understanding of the wartime operations of 6 Squadron and where it fits within the Royal Air Force casualties for the whole of WW1.

Extract of the 6 Squadron WW1 operations, aircraft movements and every casualty during WW1, taken from Part Two of 'Over the Western Front' by Steve Buste Johnson

Cross & Cockade Book Review - 2019

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