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WW1 Artefacts belonging to Cpl Fred Johnstone Royal Flying Corps

My grandfather left 6 Squadron in early 1918 due to ill health and returned from France with many mementos, some of which are shown below in the first photo gallery. He also brought home his WW1 war diaries and wallet which he carried with him everywhere while he was serving with 6 Squadron over the western front. Amazingly, the wallet remained unopened for more than fifty years until his death in 1969 when I was able to examine both its contents as well as the cryptic entries my grandfather made in his diaries. Photographs of the documents held in the wallet are displayed in the second photo gallery below.

This pigskin wallet shown below was in my grandfather's possession for the duration of WW1. Though he carried it home to England intact, he would never again use it nor, to my knowledge, refer to the documents it contained. The photographs displayed below, with all of the army documentation that a returning serviceman was obliged to carry after the Armistice, give an insight into the life and times of the Great War

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