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The Four WW1 Aerodromes at Poperinge

Abeele, Proven, la Lovie and Poperinge

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the exact locations of the four allied aerodromes in the region of the Western Front near the Belgian town of Poperinge. As part of my research, Annemie Morrise - a researcher working for the Poperinge town council - provided me with a copy of a 1918 map of Proven which clearly identifies the exact location of the four airfields - Proven, la Lovie, Poperinghe and Abeele) as well as the dimensions and the buildings extant at that time. It is of especial interest to me as it is evident that the aerodrome at Abeele was extended to the west sometime between 1917 and 12th April 1918 (see early diagram of Abeele aerodrome and aerial photographs of Abeele aerodrome (home to 6 Squadron RAF for much of WW1) taken in 1916 and 2008).

WW1 Allied aerodromes around Poperinghe, Abeele, proven, La Lovie and Poperinghe
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