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Abeele Aerodrome (1916 - 1917)

From 6 Squadron official records as well as diaries, early photographs and various other sources, I have been able to determine the approximate size and shape of the Royal Flying Corps aerodrome at Abeele, as well as the locations of the hangars and huts that were used by the various squadrons based there during 1916 and 1917. I have reproduced below the diagram I built up when researching for For God, England and Ethel as well as two photographs of Abeele, one taken in 1916 and the second in 2008, showing that little has changed to the countryside over the intervening years.

WW1 Abeele aerodrome squadron hangars site map 1916 and 1917, where 6 Squadron was based for much of WW1
Aerial photograph of Abeele aerodrome 1916
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