6 Squadron Aerial Photos - Destructive Shoot at Klein-Zillebeke

The two photographs on Page 35 were taken by an RE8 of 6 Squadron, part of the squadron's aerial reconnaissance operations over the Western Front during WW1.


The photographs were taken to demonstrate the effect of the pre-bombardment allied barrage on a German battery between Klein-Zillebeke and Hollebeke (present day location 50°48'56.0"N 2°57'01.2"E - in the middle of a field 100 metres north-east of Klijtgatstraat 9). The photographs were taken immediately prior to the Battle of Messines, over map coordinates 28. O. 6. B. The lower photograph was taken on the 3rd May 1917 but the date of the upper photograph is unknown.

6 Squadron aerial photos of destructive shoot at Klein-Zillebeke, taken by 6 Squadron immediately prior to the Battle of Messines, 1917