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RAF Armoured Car Company Burials (1922 to 1935) - part of the present day RAF Regiment

Of the 197 RAF personnel buried at the Ma' Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery (Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery), 26 were serving with one of the RAF Armoured Car Companies that were stationed in Baghdad or at the Armoured Car Wing HQ. Listed below, in chronological order of date of burial, is a summary of the men who died, the cause of their death and the location of every grave. Service details and honours are also provided for each of the officers as well as the various RAF units served by each officer during his RFC / RAF /Army career. You can either scroll through the data or search by entering a character string.

Note that two of the men buried at Hinaidi were commanding officers of No 6 Armoured Car Company, with the first, Squadron Leader Andrew Cruikshank, the officer commanding when No 6 Armoured Car Company was formed in 1922. Nota also that four of the officers listed were WW1 veterans who between them shared one OBE, one MBE, one MC and a MiD.

Note also that (unlike the other Armoured Car Companies) No 5 Armoured Car Company which was stationed within the Hinaidi cantonment, fell under the control of No 6 Squadron RAF.

For the details of two Armoured Car Company deaths for men buried at Ma'asker Al Raschid, click on Rosavaere or Kerslake.

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