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6 Squadron Aerial Photos - Destructive Shoot East of Hill 62

The two photographs on Page 31 were taken by an RE8 of 6 Squadron, part of the squadron's aerial reconnaissance operations over the Western Front during WW1.


The photographs were taken of a destructive shoot (before and after) on a hostile battery to the east of Hill 62 prior to and during the Battle of Messines, map coordinates 28. J. 19. a and 28. J. 25. b. The first photograph was taken on the 31st May 1917 and the date of the second was 14th June 1917, 7 days after the 19 mines were detonated along the Messines Ridge. As yet I have yet to determine the exact location of the battery as it appears from the overlap of the two photos that the mapping coordinates are not correct.

6 Squadron aerial photos of destructive shoot east of Hill 62, taken by 6 Squadron before and after the Battle of Messines, 1917
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