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Ma'Asker Al Raschid (Hinaidi) Cemetery Restoration - Stage 2

This page is under development and will be updated as progress is made

The next phase of the restoration project, the moving of the surviving headstones to one side of the new perimeter wall and levelling the cemetery grounds has been sent out for quotes, with the contractor who organised the construction work in Stage 1 providing the cheapest quote for this work and approval given to proceed in early December 2022.  However, a temporary halt was placed on this work in early January 2023 when the JCC (Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre) reaffirmed that the CWGC would not be in a position to address even temporary improvements until the 23/24 UK financial year (viz. until April 23) and that a decision had yet to be made by the CWGC and MoD regarding the use of sub-contractors. In the meantime, a maintenance contract has been set in place and a local caretaker employed to ensure the ongoing security of the cemetery (see photos below). As at the end of September 2023, no apparent progress has been made by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Ministry of Defence regarding the restoration of the cemetery.

As a prelude to the levelling of the site, the contractors have excavated several of the concrete foundation strips to verify the accuracy of the dimensions of the cemetery as well as to inspect the condition of those areas affected by the gravel track used by Iraqi lorries prior to the new perimeter wall being erected in October 2021 (see photos below).

The Commonwealth War Graves security gate installed on the eastern perimeter wall at the Al Rasheed (Ma'Asker Al Raschid / Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery) in Baghdad, November 2021
Ma'Asker RAF Cemetery, November 2021
Visit to Ma'Asker RAF Cemetery by the British Ambassador to Iraq and the new Defence Attache, April 2022
2023 3-D satellite image of the Ma 'Asker Al Raschid Cemetery overlaid with official CWGC Cemetery Plan, with 6 Squadron graves marked
2023 2-D satellite image of Ma 'Asker Al Raschid (Hinaidi) Cemetery overlaid with 1965 CWGC Cemetery Plan
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