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6 Squadron - The Tin-opener

6 Squadron Hurricane IId at Shandur

The first edition of the Tin-opener was written in 1944 and distributed to serving members of 6 Squadron as well as members of the 6 Squadron Association. The current edition of the quarterly squadron journal (for January 2024) is Number 130. Here is an extract:


"2024 promises to be (another) busy year, taking over NATO high readiness to deploy early in the year and then deploying to Op SHADER in the autumn. However, the biggest social date in the diary will be the 110th Anniversary, occurring officially on 31 Jan but celebrated by the Sqn in Jul. I was on 6 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary at RAF Leuchars, so I look forward to celebrating the 110th milestone with you all this year. Speaking of history, I am delighted to take custody of the famous ‘Spotty Jag’ XX119 as our Sqn heritage aircraft, kindly transferred from RAF Cosford to whom we send a large amount of thanks. XX119 will of course feature this year in our 110th plans.

Finally, I look forward to another tour on the Flying Canopeners. The strength of the Sqn has always been the quality of its people and it will be a real privilege to serve as OC 6 with such a fantastic team."


NOTE: The above extract was prepared by the author in his personal capacity and the opinions expressed are his own and do not reflect official Royal Air Force policy

6 Squadron Typhoon accompanies US B-52
The 'Spotty' Jaguar
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