6 Squadron - The Tin-opener

6 Squadron Hurricane IId at Shandur

The first edition of the Tin-opener was written in 1944 and distributed to serving members of 6 Squadron as well as members of the 6 Squadron Association. The current edition of the quarterly squadron journal (for April 2021) is Number 119. 

Here is an extract:


"Since the last edition the Squadron has been busy sustaining Very High Readiness and is now embarking on pre-deployment preparations for our next operational commitment. The first week in February witnessed 15.2deg Celsius, the coldest recorded temperature at RAF Lossiemouth since 1995 and third coldest on record. It also brought more snow to Lossiemouth than had fallen during the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ back in 2010. The Station worked hard to clear the operating surfaces and there were even (unconfirmed) rumours of pilots wielding snow shovels out by the runway threshold. Once we got flying again, the mountainous regions of northern Scotland looked more spectacular than ever."


NOTE: The above extract was prepared by the author in his personal capacity and the opinions expressed are his own and do not reflect official Royal Air Force policy

Wg Cdr Cooper hands over command of 6 Sqn to Wg Cdr D'Aubyn

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