6 Squadron - The Tin-opener

6 Squadron Hurricane IId at Shandur

The first edition of the Tin-opener was written in 1944 and distributed to serving members of 6 Squadron as well as members of the 6 Squadron Association. The current edition of the quarterly squadron journal (for April 2022) is Number 120. Here is an extract:


"January was a time for us to concentrate on blowing off the Holiday cobwebs and focusing on getting pilots through various qualifications. We have had three new junior pilots over the last few months and one new flight commander, so they have all been working towards becoming fully ‘combat-ready.’ Meanwhile, some other colleagues and I have been working towards achieving our pairs-lead qualification, making the transition from being a Typhoon wingman to becoming an ‘element-lead’ across the multi-role environment the Typhoon operates in."


NOTE: The above extract was prepared by the author in his personal capacity and the opinions expressed are his own and do not reflect official Royal Air Force policy