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6 Squadron Aerial Photos- Palingbeek Forest

The two photographs on Page 14 were taken by an RE8 of 6 Squadron, part of the squadron's aerial reconnaissance operations over the Western Front during WW1.


The two photographs were taken over the same 500 x 500 yard section of Palingbeek Forest, as defined by the mapping coordinates 28. O. 6. B. The first photograph was taken on the 3rd May 1917 and the second on the 13th June 1917, 6 days after 19 mines were detonated beneath the German lines along the Messines ridge at the start of the Battle of Messines. 

For more photos of Palinbeek Forest (today compared to 1917), visit the Palinbeek Time Machine.

6 Squadron Aerial photos of Palinbeek Forest, taken by 6 Squadron before and after the Battle of Messines, 1917
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