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RAF Hinaidi - Site Plan (Then and Now)

Shown below is the provisional site plan (1932) for the Hinaidi Cantonment, including the layout of the RAF Hinaidi air base and the Ma' Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery (Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery). Note that the concept plans were fairly accurate, especially with regards the service roads etc, though many detailed changes were made in the placement and size of the actual buildings, hangars etc. The extent to which the construction of the Hinaidi Cantonment remained faithful to the original site plan can be seen in the 2019 Google Maps aerial photograph of southern Baghdad that is the background to this page. If you play the movie file below the plan, you will see that much of the infrastructure exists to this day, including the roads, the concrete airport aprons, the Hinaidi RAF Cemetery (Ma'Asker Al Raschid) and several buildings of the old General Hospital (later renamed as the Al Rasheed Military Hospital).

This is the provisional (secret) plan of the proposed RAF Hinaidi Cantonment, dated 1932
Map of the Hinaidi Cantonment overlaid on a current satellite image
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