WW1 Maps & Documents - Western Front and England

As part of my research into the operations of 6 Squadron during WW1 when it served on the western front, I have gained access to various old maps and photographs. I have also created my own graphics where required information was not available. For the benefit of anyone who may have faced similar difficulties, I have reproduced a few on this website and have provided the following links:

Western Front - Belgium and Northern France, complete with major allied aerodromes

Western Front (Sheet 28), overlaid with army grid system and two artillery shoots

Original Map of Proven (1918), showing four allied aerodromes at Poperinge

Diagram of Abeele Aerodrome 1916 and Aerial Photographs of Abeele Aerodrome 1916 / 2008

Map of Abeele Aerodrome (April 1918) showing perimeter and Royal Air Force buildings

Map of the town of Basingstoke (c1910), overlaid on current Google Map image

1918 Wireless Training Notes from No 1 (T) Wireless School, Flowerdown, Winchester