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Ma'asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery Graves - 300 RAF, British Army and Royal Navy Deaths

There were hundreds of Royal Air Force casualties (deaths) in Mesopotamia that occurred between WW1 and WW2. At that time it was the policy of the British Government to bury the bodies locally and not permit them to be repatriated. The majority of the graves have been well maintained over the years, with the exception of the 300 service personnel and British civilians who died in Iraq and were buried at the Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery (now known as the Ma' Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery or simply the Al Rasheed Cemetery) in southern Baghdad. Listed below is a searchable database, providing the Burial Sequence Number, Burial Date, Name, Rank, Service Unit, Honours, Cause of Death and Grave Identification. It is somewhat ironic that many Royal Air Force men who died in Baghdad between 1922 and 1937 were buried at the Baghdad North Gate Military Cemetery instead of at Rasheed, thus ensuring their graves would be well maintained with the other British servicemen buried at the Baghdad North Gate Military Cemetery.

For anyone wishing to download the complete database, I have attached a pdf file here.



Refer also to the schematic diagram of the Ma'asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery which shows where each grave was located (identified in chronological sequence using the burial numbers as shown in the table below).

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