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55 Squadron Royal Air Force

Pages 4 and 5 of "An Introduction to Iraq" provides a brief history of 55 Squadron (one of the Royal Air Force squadrons to be based at RAF Hinaidi during the inter-war years). At the time of publication (August 1935) the commanding officer of 55 Squadron was Squadron Leader A R M Rickards OBE, AFC. The photograph is a view of the airfield at RAF Hinaidi, looking towards the south-west with a cluster of hangars on the left-hand side, the nearest to the camera used by 70 Squadron and 55 Squadron. Hussar Road runs diagonally across the top right corner of the photograph.

Early history of 55 Squadron, from May 1916 until 1935 when it was based in Iraq at RAF Hinaidi
Details of 55 Squadron's involvement in local peace-keeping around Baghdad until Iraq became independent in 1930
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