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The Habbaniya War Cemetery

This section of my website is dedicated to the Habbaniya Military Cemetery, with the aim of providing the names and locations of every burial in the six Plots contained within the cemetery walls (thirty-nine burials in Plot 1, forty in Plot 2, thirty-nine in Plot 3, sixty in Plot 4, seventy-three in Plot 5 and thirty-nine in Plot 6). With the kind assistance of staff at the Australian Embassy in Baghdad during 2023, photographs of every headstone were taken and I have collated and catalogued them on this website.


Of the two hundred and ninety (290) burials at Habbaniya, one hundred and seventy-three (173) were for WW2 deaths, with the remaining one hundred and seventeen (117) deaths taking place 'between the wars' or post WW2. Click HERE to view the an interactive diagram of the cemetery with links to each of the headstone photographs.

At the southern end of the cemetery there is a memorial to the one hundred and six (106) men who served with the Royal Air Force (Iraq) Levies and died in Iraq during WW2. I created a composite image of five photographs, taken of the memorial by Australian Embassy staff, showing the name of every man whose death was honoured on the Habbaniya Memorial, as well as basic details of each of the fallen. Click HERE to link to the Iraq Levies page.

With the kind permission of Doctor Christopher Morris, who was the honorary secretary of the RAF Habbaniya Association until the association was wound up in 2022, I have also been able to provide a list in alphabetical order of every person buried at the Habbaniya Military Cemetery as well as details (where available) of their service record and cause of death Click HERE to be redirected to the on-line database. 

Click HERE to be re-directed to the RAF Habbaniya Association website. It is hoped that the Habbaniya website will be brought up to date within the near future - watch this space for news.


Official CWGC Plan of Habbaniya War Cemetery


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