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Habbaniya War Cemetery Graves - RAF (Iraq) Levies Memorial

This section is under development and will eventually explain the role the Iraq Levies played in protecting the Royal Air Force bases in Iraq during the first half of the twentieth century.

The  one hundred and six (106) men of the Iraq Levies who died in Iraq whilst in service of the Royal Air Force were honoured on a memorial that was built into the centre of the southern wall of the Habbaniya War Cemetery. From detailed photographs kindly provided by the Australian Embassy in Iraq, I have created a composite photograph that will enable anyone to read the names of the dead (see below). I have also attached a searchable table containing basic information for each man listed on the memorial.

This is a list of the men of the RAF (Iraq) Levies who were killed in Iraq and honoured on a special memorial at the RAF Habbaniya War Cemetery
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