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At Last - The Exact Locations of the Four WW1 Airfields around Poperinge

My good friend and fellow researcher Annemie Morisse, who lives in Poperinge, Belgium, has unearthed a 1918 map that not only identifies the exact locations of the allied aerodromes at La Lovie, Proven, Abele and Poperinge, but also the area covered by each of the airfields. The sites of the four aerodromes have been the source of much controversy over the past few years, especially as many WW1 enthusiasts have been attempting to visit the locations as part of organised tours of the western front trenches and battlefields. I have reproduced the map below. If anyone has difficulty matching the sites to the current maps, please contact me and I will give you detailed directions.

WW1 map (dated 1918) showing the precise location, shape and buildings for the four allied aerodromes around Poperinghe - Poperinghe, La Love, Proven and Abele (Abeele)

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