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Sheila Johnson - Cardiac Arrest Survivor

Statistics show that 15,000 people die each year in Australia of sudden cardiac arrest, with a survival rate for anyone suffering a cardiac arrest of less than 8%. I'm happy to say that Sheila is one of those fortunate enough to have survived with her mind and sense of humour intact. From what we have learned over the past two months, the importance of carrying out CPR immediately after the event and continuing it until the paramedics arrive is paramount in maximising the chance of a positive outcome. Our thanks to the skilled paramedics at the Murwillumbah Ambulance Station (especially Rohan Miller and Peter Browning in the photo below who were first on the scene) for being part of this story.

Steve Buster Johnson and his wife Sheila with officers Ronan and Peter of NSW Ambulance at an award ceremony following Sheila's successful recovery from a sudden cardiac arrest

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