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Battle of Messines Aerial Photos - New Discovery

By sheer good fortune, and thanks to David Weekes who offered me some of his photographic collection from WW1, I have become the custodian of an official document produced by 6 Squadron Royal Flying Corps shortly after the Battle of Messines in June 1917. The document (unique as far as I know and only recently come to light after almost 100 years) comprises some 86 aerial photographs of the area around the Messines ridge, taken between December 1916 and the days immediately prior to the attack on 7th June 1917, as well as of the same areas after the bombardment and detonation of 19 mines beneath the German positions. I have created a summary chart of the areas covered by the photographs (see attached). If anyone would like to see a copy of one or more of the photographs, you can reach me via the 'Contact' page.

Update 16/03/17 - Due to lack of interest from the British National Archives re my offer to have the document added to the AIR 1 collection at Kew, I have decided to digitise all 86 images and gradually add them to my website (and also to my Pinterest account) under the menu item 'Messines'.

Summary map of area covered by aerial photographs taken by 6 Squadron pilots and observers before and after the Battle of Messines in June 1917

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