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Ma'Asker Al Raschid (Hinaidi) RAF Cemetery in 1923

NW corner of Plot 3 at the Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery, Baghdad, c1923
Ma'Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery (formerly Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery)

This photograph recently came to light of the Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery (renamed Ma'Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery in 1961) and is the earliest known image of that cemetery. The photograph was taken of Plot 3 in the latter part of 1923 (judging from the fact that the latest graves were for Row F), with the camera pointing in a south-easterly direction towards the southern perimeter fence. The grave in the foreground with a propeller for the headstone is for Flying Officer Lionel Hooton MC and Bar of 6 Squadron. For more details, refer to the menu selection of my website that deals with the Ma'Asker RAF Cemetery.


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