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"Welcome to Iraq"

In answering a query from fellow researcher James Offer regarding a 6 Squadron pilot, Frank Neville Hudson (who served in WW1 but later died in Iraq and was buried at Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery (name later changed to Ma'Asker Al Raschid RAF Cemetery), James sent me a of an RAF booklet, entitled "Introduction to Iraq", once belonging to his uncle, Wing Commander Aubrey Rickards, who was the commanding officer of 55 Squadron during the 1930s. The booklet gives an excellent insight into the operations and daily life at the RAF Hinaidi cantonment in the nineteen-thirties and also includes brief histories of some of the RAF squadrons that were based at RAF Hinaidi 'between the wars'. With the kind permission of James, I have included some of the pages on my website under the menu heading, "Hinaidi Cantonment Operations 1935".

A booklet published in 1935, explaining to RAF personnel serving in Iraq the operation and facilities available at RAF Hinaidi, Baghdad.
"An Introduction to Iraq" - Booklet for New RAF personnel


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