Location of Deimlingseck (Belgium)

One of my recent WW1 queries involved determining the exact location of Deimlingseck, where on the 31st July 1917 (the first day of the Battle for Passchendaele) a British RE8 crashed, killing both the pilot and observer. The bodies of the two men were never recovered as their aircraft came down behind the lines where the area was constantly bombarded by allied guns. Thanks to the help of Trevor Henshaw in England and Jerome Grosse in Belgium, the exact location of Deimlingseck is the intersection of Wervikstraat (N303) and Menenstraat (N8). close to the Belgian village of Gheluvelt. I have attached two images, one showing the WW1 map grid reference for the location - 28.J.30.c.01.80 - and the other the present day overhead satellite image courtesy of Google. For the story of why this location was named Deimlingseck by the German army during WW1, a good account can be found on the Aerodrome website.

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