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BE2c Serial No: 206

This is a photograph of one of the earliest Royal Aircraft Factory BE2s to serve with the Royal Flying Corps, taken at an air show before the Great War, either at Aldershot or Farnborough. This particular aircraft, Serial No: 206, set a record (at that time) for longevity when it was wrecked in an accident on Abeele aerodrome and returned to UK on the 2nd September 1915. It had been on charge with 6 squadron three times, including when 6 Squadron was formed in 1914, the most recent allocation lasting almost 9 months. During its long service life, 206 had also served with 2, 4 and 1 Squadrons since it was first flown in England during October 1912. During its time on active service, the aircraft had been completely rebuilt at least three times, with improvements incorporated as and when they became available from the factory.


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