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Latest Excavation at Ma'Asker (RAF Hinaidi) Cemetery

Prior to the commencement of Stage 2 of the restoration of the Ma'Asker Al Raschid Cemetery (formerly known as the Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery) where the cemetery grounds will be levelled and prepared, with the 22 headstones that remain more or less intact place along one of the cemetery's new perimeter walls, exploratory excavation has been carried out to locate the concrete foundation footings in order to gauge the condition of the graves and also to confirm the exact dimensions of that part of the cemetery grounds used for the 299 burials. Attached to this post is a satellite image showing the location of the concrete footings and an overlay of the official Commonwealth War Graves cemetery plan on top of the satellite image, the latter image showing that very few (if any) graves have been affected by the rough track that diagonally crossed the unused eastern section of the cemetery. Above these images are recent photos taken of the latest excavations at the Rasheed (Al Raschid) cemetery.


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